Top 5 books I’ve ever read… so far!

The Vortex  by Esther and Jerry Hicks


If you’re aware of Abraham Hicks the chances are you’re already aware of the The Vortex. For me it’s been one of, if not the, most important book I’ve read to date. The most thought liberating since discovering The Power Of Kabbalah which I liken to where Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret originates. 

The Vortex says that we can decide at any given point what we see in any situation. You’re mad at someone? Instead choose to remember 5 things you love about them! In an instant you can start to generate warm feeling and shift your mindset towards said person/situation. It really is revolutionary and whilst is easier said than done, it can actually be done.

There are a number of books in the series all centred around the Law Of Attraction and how we are 100% responsible for the things in our life both good and bad. For me The Vortex was the most poignant from the ones ones I read as it gives you the tools of getting “in and out of alignment with The Vortex.”

I won’t spoil for you how Esther and Jerry Hicks knows all of this about how reality really is. You will need to go and read it yourself but be prepared to be shocked!

It also teaches that those things/situations meant for us will not pass us by. To pay attention to what feels good and follow that. Things meant for us will flow effortlessly towards us once we decide what we want.

But be warned, it says we are always attracting. That is whatever we’re thinking about. If you’re fearful and thinking about how bad you feel or worried or anxious about something, that is what will continue to arrive. Instead to think about things you do want and be aligned with them in what you say, think and feel. Rockets of desire will start to manifest with whatever you’re focus on most.

11/10 – A must read!


The Power Of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg


Another game changer for me. Rewind back to 2010, I was in a rut. Recycling the same experiences over and over. Chasing girls, sex, money, alcohol, drugs, crap foods and “good times”. Driven by the thrill of the chase and short momentary fulfilment. I had low self esteem, low self respect, lived for the short lived highs of the weekend. I was out for 2 days at a time on mind numbing benders. I was drifting with no purpose. I had a union. I collided with someone. Who put me on the path to Kabbalah. I attended my first Shabbat. Madonna was sat front row. Bizarre. Scary almost ritualistic chanting. I didn’t understand and people fear what they don’t understand but somehow I wanted to belong. I picked up a book in the foyer and so intrigued I signed up for my first course.

I learned so much about myself from this book. It gave me new perspectives and made me self aware at a level I didn’t even know existed. The 5 sense reality, being just 1% of reality. After all there are lots of things we cannot see we know exist. Infrared light that operate our remote controls. There’s dog whistles that we cannot hear. WiFi, cellular signals and bluetooth that drive our mobile phones. We are all connected it teaches. That whilst we all have separate karmic accounts that we are responsible for, we also have a collective consciousness. That we cannot change anyone, we can only change ourselves and be an example. 

Kabbalah is where The Secret, you all know and love, originates. The Secret is Kabbalah in layman’s terms if you like. The Zohar, their sacred book taught everything we now know, and science starts to discover, about the universe, consciousness and how we vibrate.

Everything I learned in Kabbalah has since been confirmed by other LOA books such those by Abraham Hicks. 

I learned about Tikkun (Correction), lessons we have to learn on our souls journey. That our biggest growth is found in biggest obstacles. Those people in our lives that we find most difficult is where we can learn the most. 

I also learned about the opponent. Sa-tan… not the gatekeeper of hell as we know it. Rather than a force that keeps us separated from others. Another name for our ego. Read more about him below in my review of Outwitting The Devil.

I also learned that our children choose us. We choose our partners. In fact every person that comes in and out of our lives serves a purpose. A blessing or a lesson, At a deep soul level. That we’re all here to learn from one another. That we can all help each other elevate. That there are no coincidences. That nothing happens suddenly. There is a seed. There is a sprout. Then there is a tree. 

This includes dis-ease. We are responsible for what we attract. As difficult as that can be to fathom. Apparently whether you believe it or not we are all bound by cause and effect. The only reason for time, Kabbalah teaches, is the distance between cause and effect.

So fascinating! Such a good read! Again thoroughly recommended!



Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


This is a story about growing up with 2 Dads. A rich Dad and a poor Dad. How their viewpoint and mindset gives them very differing realities and relationships with money.

The rich Dad teaches about building a business, creating assets, how to offset expenses. That rich people pay themselves first and everyone else, including taxes, last.

Poor Dad is how the 95% of the rest of the world is taught. To stay in school. Go to college, get good grades. Find a good job. With good perks and security.

Rich Dad is all about living his life on his terms. Being the boss instead of becoming an employee. To invest in assets that are going to pay you. Being patient and thinking long term.

Poor Dad is about liabilities. The big house. The car. Keeping up with the Joneses. Short term expensive holidays and luxury items.

Eat shit now to live of luxury later. Or waste your money on stuff you don’t need to have to sell eventually for things you do need.

This book gives you an insight into how the top 15% of society live. That you need a certain amount of wealth to even be considered for top investments. That most investment opportunities that are available to your average Joe aren’t investment opportunities at all.

That if you do the work and have the discipline to regularly keep your money but also to put it to work. Thinking of every pound or dollar as a little worker, that you can live a much better life than you think.

It’s what inspired me to create assets like My Miracle Journal that pays me every month. Thinking long term instead of the here and now. It also inspired me to document my journey in Chasing The Sun where I aim to create life on my terms and create a personal brand that will give me a life outside of traditional employment.

Again throughly recommended and I believe this stuff should be taught in schools. To give people a genuine thought provoking moment to what is possible if you put your mind to it and create assets from your ideas.


Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill


If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich (another must read!) then you will be familiar with Napoleon Hill

This book however is a conversation with the devil. An interview if you like. And what you learn is both shocking and thought provoking in equal measures.

Sa-tan as known in Kabbalah, or the reactive mind in Scientology, or the ego, or simply the devil as described in this book, is a opposing force that is inside of us all. 

It’s the one that keeps us separated. Anger, fear, judgement, cynicism, resentment, expectation. It’s the part of us that notices the differences in each other instead of the similarities. It’s the force that has us doing those things that we do that are harmful for us and we’re not sure why.

Over eating, over spending, drinking, drugs, sex, anything to change our state. This book teaches that those with no purpose or life with no meaning turn to things outside of ourselves for fulfilment and completion. When we already have everything we need but this force makes us insecure and leads us to believe we need something else to fulfill us.

It talks about smoking being the habit of the weak minded and weak willed. That the majority of people are drifters that listen to their own devil so much that they never get out their own prison they’ve created for themselves. They stay stuck in their comfort zones of their own self limiting beliefs and live a mediocre life. 

But that we can break free from this force and whilst it will always be there we can choose not to listen and we can actively choose our own thoughts. We can break the negative thinking cycle and go on to lead a truly fulfilling and meaningful life.

Be prepared to be woken from your slumber forever as once you identify your “other self” then it’s up to you whether you continue to give in to it or decide you’re going to fight back and live life on your terms.

9/10 – again another must read for me


Crushing It by Gary Vee


As most of you will know, I am a massive Gary Vee fan. However I am really disappointed in most of his books. I say this maybe because I already know most of what it says from the content I watch online so for me I didn’t really learn anything new but for the first time reader and consumer of Gary’s content, this will be amazing!

Social Media is the new TV and attention is the new currency. No longer are SKY, BBC, CNN, FOX and ABC the way we find out what’s going on in the world. Now we have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn keeping us up to date.

Gary is a massive advocate of the internet and the opportunity it brings. Mainstream media is dwindling as we now pay more attention to our phones than ever.

Want to start a band? No longer are we at the peril of old white men of the music industry. Our smart phones are a direct link to our audiences. Our social media profiles are our new shop windows where we can tout our wares direct to consumers. The market decides if we’re good enough.

Gary promotes documenting your journey. That the opportunity is in the growth. That you can monetise your passion. That your vibe attracts your tribe and you can find other likeminded people all through our smart devices.

Refreshingly, if you mentally get past his swear words, he is a massive advocate of kindness, empathy and compassion. He does what no other CEO’s do and gives opportunity to everyone.

Again Gary has been a massive inspiration of mine in creating Chasing The Sun of me changing my life and letting everyone in to see my daily struggles and thoughts as my mindset changes.

He always regrets not being able to document his meteoric rise to where he is today. That he was putting out content for 8yrs before he started to get any traction. That we have to fall in love with the process to win and the results will come. To think in “the macro” (long term) rather than “the micro” (short term), that if we keep telling our story then people will resonate with what you’re doing. 

I must admit he’s right! Without him and his advice wouldn’t I have a journal for sale, a consistency coaching programme, a podcast, an online community. I’m building something I love and I feel aligned with my purpose and why I am here.

If you want to make a business out of your passion then I thoroughly recommend you read this sooner rather than later!

8/10 – only because I watch so much of his content. If you don’t, you’ll find it a 10/10



Let me know in the comments below of your best reads and I’d love to add them to my wish list.

Thanks for reading!

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