How I lost half a stone in 2 weeks!

Heyyyyyy! Those that follow my journey will know that I recently, and frustratingly, stalled my weight loss journey.

Despite a 2hr FightKlub (boxing x drum and bass rave) experience, as well as a couple of runs that week, I managed to stall at 20st3lbs.

I looked back on my week in my journal and saw how I’d let the excitement of the sunshine and subsequent BBQ (not to mention the mountain of leftovers) then Fatty Friday take me off track.

I’m a very emotional person and most of my behaviour is emotion led. Meaning I feel, act and behave based on my feelings. Hence why I’ve been so overweight for the majority of my life and jumped from relationship to relationship throughout my life.

Without any real healthy habits, I’ve let my natural unhealthy habits take control of my life. That also reflects in my life, my finances, my weight etc. The truth is if we don’t decide what we want from our lives and ourselves then all too often we condition ourselves for mediocrity.

Now I’ve always been pretty happy go lucky, open minded, and never deeply unhappy. Though since I have looked back, I’ve noticed how I learned to suppress my emotions.

From overeating, overspending, painkiller abuse, 2 day benders, sleeping aids. I noticed that I’d also often self sabotage through over sensitivity, stubbornness and pride.

I was very good at pointing the finger, however now, and none of us are perfect, I am a lot more in control of myself in a lot of areas of my life and I fully recognise we are all a work in progress.

We are creatures of habit whether we like it or not and one of my biggest realisations is that we cannot get rid of habits, we can merely swap them out. In my case for a less destructive habit.

I enjoy the feeling of full and satisfied so I thought instead of eat whatever’s around or subconsciously choose foods that were bad for me, I would choose healthier foods to “fill myself up” on.

I have also managed to programme my subconscious via my affirmations over a period of time. I literally had to tell myself over and over and over again about these habits before I was actually doing them. Low and behold, I started to do them and with less resistance than usual. The power of affirmations for me have been life changing.

“I am loving being more active and incorporating exercise into my life”

Now if you know me, and you would have told me last year I would be enjoying running, going to the gym, yoga, swimming regularly. Not to mention the other classes I’ve tried, I’d have told you to, as the kids say, GTFOH!

Yet here I am running 3 times a week and loving it! I recently managed my longest ever run of 8 miles! I could just about run 8 mins less than 12wks ago!

The other affirmation that has been crucial to my relationship with food is:

“I realise that achieving level 10 success in every area of my life begins and ends with my health and energy. Maintaining optimum levels of health begins with healthy, energising good into my body, such as “living” foods (raw fruits nuts vegetables seeds etc), so I will place more value on the health consequences of the food that I eat than I do on the taste, since the taste only lasts a few moments but the consequences impact every area of my life and last a lifetime.”

This has caused me to initially start to second guess the choices I was making. I naturally then started buying more natural foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and getting them in me using my nutribullet. I say to anyone if you can do a shot of tequila or sambuca then you can do this!

So I started to slowly build up both healthier eating habits and healthier exercise habits but one thing I really struggled with was portion control.

Back in January a friend recommended me the My Fitness Pal app however I found it difficult to find the products and foods difficult, as well as the portion size. But looking back, I liked the ignorance of what I was putting into my body. Yes I’d swapped hummus chips for crisps but I was eating 200-300 calorie bowls. Yes I was drinking a nutribullet every morning but it was 400-500 calories in size.

I needed to feel the pain of all that hard work of 2 runs and a FightKlub class and to still stall at 20st3lbs.

That was the catalyst, now I was ready to really become more self aware of exactly what I was putting into my body and going out of my way to track everything that passed my lips.

Honestly it works! Portion size works! Calorie counting, as much as a pain in the back side it can be, and I hated it, works!

I went down from 20.3st to 19.7st in 2wks!

But when you’re really ready to make good results, you’ll either find the excuses like I did initially or you’ll find the dedication and ultimately the results!

Now I actually relish the task of challenging myself. Now I make sure I prepare and have healthier foods around, but most of all I am a lot more disciplined with the portion size.

If anyone wants to know what foods I’m regularly eating and which ones to avoid drop me a line at and I’ll send it over to you.

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “How I lost half a stone in 2 weeks!”

  1. Jamie, this is such a great post! I feel a great affinity with you as I think I have struggled with similar things and dealt with them in similar ways. This post is a great reminder for me! I’ve been using an app called Lose It! to track calories and such- I like it because it has tons of info available and you can also snap a barcode and it will pull up the food. Anyway, I do find that almost simply the act of tracking my food produces good results and makes me more aware of what I’m doing. Thanks for sharing your affirmations! I need to get those going for myself.


  2. Mate, this is so great to read……most blogs about weight loss are vague and only concentrate on all the great things that the person did, not the pitfalls they encountered along the way. So nice to hear a truly real account of a weight loss journey. Keep up the good work! Xx


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