My personal journey continues…

So some of you will know, recently I went for crystal therapy and I was amazed by the experience. This led me to look at other ways to enhance my personal development journey. The lovely lady that did my crystal therapy and chakra alignment also does retreats. I really want to attend one however they are still in the process of being put together so I thought I’d create my own.

I decided with my bonus this year, instead of giving it to everyone else, I would utilise some of it and create my own retreat and that’s exactly what I did.

I booked a hotel that I’d never been to before so it was a completely new experience and decided that I would be the focus of 24hrs. To work on my connection with myself, to escape the every day of being Dad, or Son, or Husband and completely immerse myself in my own little world and I must say it was energising.

When I arrived I found a nice seat on the terrace overlooking a harbour and have my favourite. Nice big bottle of sparkling water with ice and a slice. I spent an hour reading my book, appreciating the surroundings, people watching, watching the world go by. Bliss.

I was then called to check in.

Luckily enough I had managed to get a room over looking the harbour and the room was perfect. Spacey and well laid out, already scoping out space where I was going to meditate and do yoga.

I was so pleased with the room, it was perfect for my needs. Almost like a one bed flat with a living room, office desk, coffee machine, shower and bath. It was lovely!

Not only that but the view from the balcony was amazing!

Right, next stop… the spa! As soon as I unpacked I was off to the spa!

As soon as I arrived, it being quite a small “spa” area for such a large hotel I wasn’t able to find a bed right away. It turns out there were local children having swimming lessons and all of the parent had occupied the beds.

Eventually after a few leisurely lengths I managed to find a bed and update my journal and continue with reading Living With Kabbalah.

This week after many years of absence I returned to the Kabbalah Centre where I started by spiritual journey back in 2010. I learned so much despite already having completed Power of Kabbalah classes 1, 2 & 3 on numerous occasions.

Whilst I have so much on at the moment with Chasing The Sun, Sunrise Chasers Club, studying for my personal trainers qualification, my Miracle morning etc etc I don’t feel like I have the energy to dedicate to it right now and will definitely look at it again in the future. The energy in there is so lovely and all good people that want to learn about themselves.

I then checked in with the kids and retired to my room for a mini power nap and a quick catch up with Gary Vee.

When I woke it had got dark and I started to map out my first yoga class. The room looked even more inviting when illuminated.

Even the harbour looked more picturesque as night began to fall.

I then began Yoga With Adriene for sciatica. Having suffered with sciatica for the past couple of years, I have undergone acupuncture and physiotherapy, none of which have made a difference. Part of my personal journey is to become fitter and reduce my weight so there is less of a strain on my back.

This class was great! It taught me how to use a towel as leverage to apply pressure to certain areas. It really helped loosen me up!

I returned to bed for an hour or so to pick up again with one of my books.

By this time I was so relaxed that I really couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere and decided instead to order room service.

I opted for the rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce and salad. It came with lovely bread rolls too that I enjoyed (Wholemeal of course!).

I then retired for my first meditation before getting a good nights sleep.

The next morning, having not slept very well on such a hard bed with my back, I awoke to complete my miracle morning and stretch out before heading out for a run.

Starting with the headspace app for my meditation.

Then on to a guided visualisation.

I completed my morning ritual and got dressed for a run.

I managed to find a lovely route along the Thames and even bumped into some ducks. It was so lovely to be out at the time and no one be around.

The views were amazing and some of the properties are a dream.

Before I came home for a nice hot bath.

Now it was time for breakfast. I did think breakfast was included in my booking however I came to learn that it wasn’t. I decided instead to head out for breakfast.

I had intended the previous day to come to this place with my Wife however she didn’t feel up to it.

The window looked AMAZING! Every bit as beautiful as I imagined. However I really didn’t want to experience it without my Wife I opted instead to go next door.

I was was so overwhelmed by the choices I didn’t know where to start.

I started with the pancakes and a fresh juice…

However had the urge to try one of the many beautiful cakes.

I chose the Nutella cupcake and a coke to wash it down. It was so rich and dreamy.

I went back to the hotel before to hit the spa for the last time.

This time I had the whole place to myself which was welcome after not being able to get a bed the previous day.

I managed to swim about 30 lengths before deciding to head back to the room to pack.

I headed downstairs, settled the bill, and went to say thank you to the universe and goodbye to the harbour for such a lovely experience.

It was so lovely to experience something new and to be comfortable in my own company.

Something I’ve not been able to do for years.

Self love and taking the time to yourself isn’t selfish, it’s necessary! Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Put things into perspective, we are so many different people to so many different people in our lives for the majority of the time. When do we get to be us? To find out what we like? To discover ourselves? It was nice to get to know me.

And now I look forward to being Dad, Son, Husband and roll on Sopwell House with the family next week!


1 thought on “My personal journey continues…”

  1. Wow it’s looks amazing, places to go and you looked like you enjoyed your me time! #selflove always. Peace love and light xx


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