Sunrise Chasers Club – The process

So as some of you will know I have been sharing my personal journey online and documenting my mission to become free from traditional employment in a daily insight video called Chasing The Sun.

Originally just on Instagram however then more recently started to share it via Facebook and YouTube.

It starts every morning with my Miracle Morning process and personal development journey then into sharing aspects of my everyday life.

Everyday I started to follow more like minded people via places like the miracle morning community then like minded people started to follow me.

I have been amazed with how many people, quite often strangers, are inspired by what it is I’m trying to achieve. The more I share the more others can relate to what I am going through. Whether it be emotional eating or the challenges of being an ASD Dad, it seems there are lots of other people that want to make similar changes in their lives.

So I decided what better than to create a place where we could all inspire each other to do exactly that…

Sunrise Chasers Club – A dream was born…

Sunrise Chasers Club is a private Facebook group of likeminded people that want to inspire and be inspired. It’s people that want to make changes in their life big and small. It’s some, like me, that want to become financially independent from traditional employment. Other want to cut sugar from their diet. Or exercise more. Read more books. Be more connected to their partner and everyone else. Whatever it is we all help each other along the way. Group mentorship/accountability is a great way for likeminded people to connect and make sense of this wonderful thing we called life.

So early February I announced that I was going live with it and to be honest I’m astonished with just how many people have wanted to be a part of it and with what an impact I’ve manage to make in a relatively short period of time.

We have lots of different walks of life. From aspiring life coaches, personal trainers, record company owners, crystal therapists amongst others who all have one thing in common…

To be better than they were yesterday.

Whilst I was creating My Miracle Journal, I also had the desire to create a logo for Chasing The Sun which originally was going to be My Miracle Morning TV…

And from there I kind of wanted it to be more centred around me and building my personal brand rather than the Miracle Morning itself. I drew some inspiration from one of my favourite Oasis songs and it instantly resonated with me.

I even had a go at designing it myself…

I originally wanted my Wife Jade’s writing over the sunrise that we have above however it wasn’t possible. So I then went on the hunt for handwriting type fonts but none of them had the effect I was looking for.

Then we had the idea to continue the continuity from My Miracle Journal however I felt is gave a bit of a nautical feel with this:

We had many drafts to choose from:

However in the end I went for simplicity…

I think it is most impactful and without the SCC writing allows complete creativity to emblazon lots of quotes and create content to promote the group.

As we approach the first month anniversary of its creation, Sunrise Chasers Club is now up to over 50+ members and has taken on a life of its own.

There are themes of the week. Regular Facebook live interaction videos from fellow members. Other members have opened their bookshelves to swap books with fellow members.

It really is beautiful to see.

If you want to know more or would like to be involved then please feel free to drop me a message via the website contact form or friend request ( Jamie C Nicholas ) me and I can add you to the group.

The best thing is, that once you’re a member then you can introduce your likeminded friends to it too.

Hope to see you there!



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