Views from…

Since I can remember I have always journaled in one way or another. I didn’t actually realise until last year I actually use my instagram or taking pictures/screenshots of things that I capture or resonate with me as a kind of diary.

When I look back now at certain times in my life and what I was going through at that time there are certain pictures or memes that remind me of that period.

With that said I started to hashtag on Instagram regularly. One that has stuck with me is ViewsFrom…

For example #viewsfromthemorningrun – I love a sunrise especially.

Or #viewsfromthemorningworkout – it’s official, I’ve become a gym wanker!

Or even just #viewsfromthemorning – Some from Florida!

Or the days I keep my exercise to a minimum #viewsfromthemorningstroll – The days I’ve usually overdone and I’ll just take the dog for a walk.

I love to capture and record my day, reliving the moment through the various pictures, seasons, outfits or places.

Creating memories whenever I go.

Here’s another I use…

#LifeIsBeautiful 🙂

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