2018 and beyond.

CFA15CAB-9577-4CF5-A4FC-531CDCC7CE442018 Goals

To be the best I can be so that I can be the best for the world.

1. Seek alternative methods of earning an income outside traditional employment and share them with the world and encourage others to get the best out of their personal journey.
2. Add value daily/weekly to my online community.
3. Live by example, Be the change I want to see in the world.

Purpose – My life’s purpose is to ADD VALUE to the lives of others, which starts with achieving everything I want in my own life and never settling for less than I can be, do, or have so that I can pay it forward and learn (through experience) how to help others achieve everything they want.

Family – I am a dedicated son, husband and father, and supporting my family is #1 priority.

NEXT LEVEL – To make 2018 my best year ever and take my life to the NEXT LEVEL, I must continue to actively brainstorm, get out of my comfort zone, take risks, and take action. To get something different I must continue to do/experiences new things. I must focus on goals/projects outside the realm of my day job, like enhance people’s lives with My Miracle Journal, creating my daily insight video to inspire and encourage other to live their best life, taking it to YouTube to gain a greater audience and inspire more people.

The Universe – All things are possible when I actively connect to the abundance available at all times, through the power of gratitude, meditation and awareness of its existence. Remember my “thinking” brain is VERY limited by my physical, mental, & emotional limitations. But when I “actively” connect with the light and channel all that is available to me at all times – THAT is when miracles are possible.

Financial Abundance/Contribution – My 1# financial commitment in 2018 is to EARN £50,000 on my way to £100,000 and I will save/invest 50% of every pay so I can provide security to for my family and give back 10% to those less fortunate. Also the money I earn and save, the greater impact I can have with other, I am just as capable of becoming extraordinarily wealthy as any other person. Also, I am committed to continuing to live by any means.

Authenticity- Give up being perfect for being authentic. I want everyone to win. Everyone who truly knows me appreciates me because of the value I give to others. They support me with connections and resources to bring me to my goals. I am grateful for these people. I work for them and no one else.

Productivity- To maximise productivity, I will schedule 2hr blocks of singularly focused attention on one activity or project, rather than switching tasks throughout. This is an Aspect Of Importance for me. I will constantly review my progress to ensure I am always moving towards my goals.

Personal development – I will my life to the fullest everyday to be a living example of others and present the benefits of it. Working on ourselves is the greatest gift to the world because people need it. I will seek to learn more about Autism and how best support my son as he becomes more challenging. I will continue to improve my fitness and eat healthier to be the best example to my children and ensure I have the energy to carry out my mission.

Coaching – Develop a habit of encouragement and empowerment. Text, email, comment, DM, send out cards, books, etc. Want other to win and help them any way you can! Be the light you want to see in the world.

Blog – I will continue to share my journey with the world via my blog. I will always be honest and open about my life as when there is truth and honesty there is only love. Doing and saying what’s right as opposed what’s easy.

Rest and relaxation – Taking regularly scheduled periods of rest and rejuvenation are crucial to my happiness, health and success. Trips away and holidays provide me with new experiences, new perspectives and ideas my removing me away from day to day routine and environment, and allow me to share carefree timelessness with my Wife and children.

Reflection – I will invest time in reflection, gaining a deeper perspective by asking questions like: What am I doing well that I need to acknowledge myself for? What can I be doing better? What am I not even thinking about that I should be?

Overcoming Fear and Worry – Fear/anxiety is a misuse of my intelligence and imagination. Only think positive, self affirming and confidence inspiring thoughts. If I am to use my imagination, only use it to imagine myself doing something great. Beside, there’s nothing to fear as I cannot fail – I can only learn and grow.


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