So here I am… Chasing The Sun


Well well well… another year nearly over and we’re already planning our New Year Eve outfits in our heads. WHAT A YEAR it has been for me and my family! I am just sitting here on my bed whilst trying to block out the sounds of my perpetually fighting children, thinking about all we’ve achieved.

This year I started my personal journey of becoming a better version of me and I know that sounds so cliche but that’s exactly what I set out to do. I am 123 days into my personal journey and making good progress. I’ve taken my fitness firmly by the scruff of the neck and as well as my mindset and personal development. I am proud to say I am feeling amazing! Apart from the cold that won’t go away like an old ex, I am feeling almost godlike. And not in an arrogant way, more a all loving, more connected, we are one, kind of way.

As many of you will have seen, I have been sharing a daily insight video into my journey which was inspired by my discovery of The Miracle Morning book. From there I have decided to take that morning ritual and put it into practice. I must say the results have far outlived anything I could possibly imagined. So much so, it’s all I’ve spoken about to anyone that will listen and shared the book with as many people as possible. I plan to continue to do that well into the future, I can not recommend it enough.

So engrossed by the practice and it having such a profound effect on my life. I embarked on an incredible lifestyle change that has involved me joining the gym, starting the Couch 2 5K running system, eating more healthily. I have also designed my own journal to enhance my journey and my ambition to enter entrepreneurship, that I thought if anyone else wants to do the same then I want to help them do so.

Whilst the initial catalyst was my miracle morning process that resonated with me so greatly, I have now started to bring lots of ideas to life that have hatched from lots of different aspects of my life therefore I have decided to call my journey and daily insight video Chasing The Sun.

Taken from my favourite Oasis song, Chasing The Sun will be following my journey as I embark on entrepreneurship and aiming to escape my 9-5. Don’t get me wrong I love my day job but I will be focusing on my greater ambition in reaching and empowering more people to take control of their lives and free them from traditional employment and being able to live their lives on their terms.

To do this I have to be better in all areas of my life, I have to practice what I preach, this includes my health and fitness. Whilst I made good progress on this, there’s many. years of over indulgence to overcome and correct.

We are all Chasing The Sun in some way. Whether it be happiness, love, security, money, fulfilment, a holiday, whatever the light in your life and the reason you do what you do everyday.

With the internet in the palm of our hands via our smartphone, we are indebted with information for us to utilise to accomplish whatever we want. We can reach people in an instant. I want to show you that we can create our own wealth from our ideas and that’s exactly what I plan to do!

I am changing my life and you can follow me every step of the way!

I am so grateful for the many of you have already reached out to me. In fact I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love and support for what I’m trying to achieve and I want to inspire you, showing you all that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! We all have the power to actually create the life we want.


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